Our company welcomes you - our potential clients - on our website and thank you for your attention to our company. The main objective of our company - the complex decision of the selection, supply of equipment for crushing, screening, grinding and other processes associated with enrichment. Experience and knowledge of our experts focused on the tasks that you put before us.

We will help you to choose the necessary equipment and purchase from us exactly what will work most effectively, and the best way to solve production challenges in front of you. We guarantee high quality of our delivered products, short delivery times and very reasonable prices for our equipment. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our experts you will be able to choose the most appropriate equipment you do not overpay for unnecessary features to save money by making the best of calculation and equipment selection.

The main services of our company.

1. Project documentation.

2. Selection of equipment.

3. Delivery of equipment.

4. Chief - installation.

5. Installation.

6. Start - up operations.

7. The production technology.

8. Approvals.